Eight Bells pub Ashton Street

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The distinctive spire of the Methodist Church at the Square, Dunstable, gives the clue to the location of this vanished Dunstable public house - the Eight Bells.
It stood on the corner of St Mary's Street (the sign on its wall is just distinguishable) and Ashton
Street. Just beyond the pub was a fish and chip shop and the town's public toilets. They were all demolished in 1958, together with many houses, when the area was redeveloped to allow the Ashton Square shops and what was then a Sainsbury's supermarket to be built.
The picture is looking down Ashton Street from the West Street area. Middle Row would be on our left and, today, the row of shops ending in Martin's newsagent would be on the right.
The photograph, now kept by Dunstable and District Local History Society in its research room at Priory House, was one of a series taken just before demolition of the Chapel Street and St Mary's Street area.